Im doing the weblog about soccer because i like soccer the most of all the things i do in my free time.

I like soccer because its fun to do and its good for you. and at school you dont move to much so you also can put your left over energie in it.

I started with playing soccer when i was 5 i think. before i went to a soccer association i also played it with frend on a younger age.

the first association i joinend is called Wadenooien in the village Wadenooien. when i moved to Lienden i wen to Fc Lienden and im still thare now.

With soccer you have two teams that have to play against each other. they both need to shoot a ball in the goal of the other team. the team that made the most goals after the time runs out wins. if both teams has the same score they ghet extra time to play. if they still have the same score than they have to shoot penaltys. the ball have to be 68 to 70 centimeters. the playing field is 90 to 120 meters long and 45 to 90 meters wide. the goal has a standart size of 7,32 meters long and 2,44 meters high. i dont know when pepeol started to play soccer and how they played it before. and the internet also doesnt know it :P 

Tips if you want to play soccer.

i dont know how to give tips for this because everybody knows soccer and it is the most famous sport in the world so i just gonna tell some tips that everybody knows already because everybody know how to play soccer.

if you want to play soccer you need two teams. at a official game you need eleven pepeol in the field. if you just play with a frend you can chose the numbers by yourshelf.
you need a ball and a field or you can just play it on the street.
if you dont have a field or goals you just use the street and a wall to play.

and now i dont know more tips and this tips above also arnt realy tips cauze everybody knows it but it is something :)

The End!!